Mateo Hurtado creates techno and experimental music with an intuitive and analogue character. Deeply inspired by the surrealist movement, obscure symbolism and ritualistic incantations, his music seeks to invoke hidden, impossible images and bring to light the indecipherable messages buried in the unconscious. A search for the lost soul amidst an oppressive world.

His approach to electronic music seeks to overcome conventional boundaries and handle the musical material akin to the ideas of surrealism. This concept manifests itself through an array of analog, digital, modular and conventional electronic instruments. Mateo has been focusing on live performances, in which shifting polyrhythmic material is fused with otherworldy, strange melodies, ritualistic drumwork and dronelike, shimmering athmospheric soundscapes.



SDM004 Remixes

Label: Space Drum Meditation
Country: Germany
Released: 2022
Type: Remix EP (Vinyl)

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01 — Fangs Of Gold (Mateo Hurtado Remix)
02 — Müde Augen (Talismann Rumba Remix)
03 — Oviraptor (Marco Shuttle Remix)
04 — Müde Augen (Anthony Linell Remix)
05 — Reign (Konduku Remix) 06:30
06 — Fangs Of Gold (Discknocked Redubtion)
07 — Fangs Of Gold (Mateo Hurtado Reduction)


Shapes Drawn By Fire

Label: Annulled Music
Country: Spain
Released: 2021
Type: Album, limited CD

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01 — The Renewal Of An Oath
02 — Parting The Veil
03 — A Chest Split Open, All Its Secrets Revealed
04 — Moved As If By Strings
05 — The Great Conjunction
06 — As Seen From An Insurmountable Distance
07 — Rosarium
08 — Mending That Which Remains
09 — The Invisible Gate
10 — Only Here, Between Your Eyes and You


All The While Staying Perfectly Still

Label: Secuencias Temporales
Country: Mexico
Released: 2020
Type: Album (digital)

Ø Bandcamp
ψ Soundcloud (Snippets)

01 — It Appeared As If Golden In The Moonlit Clearing
02 — Some Things May Never Return
03 — The Alchemical Process Of Becoming Sorrow
04 — The Nights Full Blossom
05 — A Door Opens (Framed By Stars)
06 — Extending Into The Sky (Like Twigs)
07 — Your Plea Shall Be Carried By The Wind


The Tyranny Of Light

Label: Subsist Records
Country: Spain
Released: 2020
Type: Album, limited Cassette

01 — Voyager
02 — Haruspex
03 — Into the Black Sun
04 — Drained
05 — Astral Configuration
06 — Floating Metropolis
07 — Emergence
08 — Oblivion 07:57



Label: Delusion
Country: Germany
Released: 2019
Type: EP (Vinyl)

A1 — Derelict
A2 — Shoreline
A3 — Drawn In
B1 — Circular Path
B2 — The Thorns Remain


Inverted Forest

Label: 199X Recordings
Country: Iceland
Released: 2018
Type: EP (Vinyl)

A1 — Glowing Orchard
A2 — Irrlicht
B1 — Stone Circle
B2 — A Mind in Flames


VVAAA : Geisha / SUBSIST.74D

Label: Subsist
Country: Spain
Released: 08.05.2018
Type: VA (Digital)



Metropolis 3.2

Label: Parabola
Country: Bosnia & Herzegovina
Released: 19.04.2018
Type: VA (Digital)




27.06.2022    Backstreet Noise @Kraftfeld
04.03.2022    Tunneltecho @Kraftfeld
05.02.2022    Zentralwäscherei, ZH (Live)
23.10.2021    Kraftfeld, CH (DJ-Set)
14.08.2021    Termini Obscuri, CH (Live)
14.08.2020    Radio Stadtfilter (Live)
31.07.2020    Klewenalp (Live)
13.06.2020    Kraftfeld, Winterthur (Live)
24.01.2020    Kornhaus, Winterthur (DJ-Set)
01.02.2020    Beat Bassment, Winterthur (DJ-Set)
31.12.2019    Kraftfeld, Winterthur (DJ-Set)
23.11.2019    Umbo, Zürich (Live)
11.10.2019    Kraftfeld w. Tikitula (DJ-Set)
27.09.2019    Akzent Klubfestival (Live)
02.08.2019    Klewenalp, TBA (DJ-Set)
26.07.2019    Secret Location (DJ-Set)
29.06.2019    Mouton Noir, Fribourg (Live)
24.05.2019    Kraftfeld, Winterthur (CH)
23.03.2019    Bunker, ZH
27.02.2019    Rapid Rave, Winterthur
02.02.2019    Delusion, Bremen
16.11.2018    Backslash Festival, Zurich
09.11.2018    Albani, Winterthur
27.10.2018    Oxyd, Winterthur (Veil of Bones)
28.09.2018    Zürich Modular Fest, MuDa
19.09.2018    Rapid Rave Royal, Baden
12.08.2018    Tragedy, Helsinki Club, Zürich
28.07.2018    Quarantäne, Zürich (Veil of Bones)
29.06.2018    Panopticum, Stuttgart DE
20.05.2018    Rhizom Festival, Zurich
28.04.2018    Kraftfeld, Winterthur CH
16.03.2018    BlaBlaTon, Zurich CH
23.02.2018    Royal, Baden CH
17.11.2017    Radiator, Copenhagen DK
22.10.2017    Private Event, Winterthur CH
08.07.2017    Noise Sweet Noise, Kraftfeld, CH
01.07.2017    Delusion Warehouse Bremen, DE
05.06.2017    RHIZOM Festival, Zürich
30.04.2017    Freiburg, DE
18.03.2017    MuDA, Zurich
21.01.2017    Klubi, Zurich
08.01.2017    Secret Location, Zurich
27.11.2016    Sunday Mess, Kraftfeld Winterthur
25.11.2016    Private Event, Zürich CH
12.11.2016    Erdbeermund, Karlsruhe DE
22.07.2016    Chateau de Raeve, Basel CH
10.06.2016    Helvti, Winterthur CH

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